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Safety Tips


Everyone renting must know how to swim

Use Emergency Whistle only for Emergencies

In case of emergency contact 911

If the kayak flips, just flip it back over and climb in

NO Alcohol or Tobacco products are permitted on the boat at any time

Avoid traveling through Buoys (these paths are for Motor Boats)

When crossing a motorboat path, LOOK BOTH WAYS, and ensure there is no oncoming Motor Boat traffic

If there is a fast-moving Motor Boat coming up near you, turn your kayak perpendicular to the boat (so your boat rides over the wake/waves) (like so “- |”)

Keep all storage hatches sealed while not in use to avoid flooding

All users must be 18 years of age or older, accompanied by a parent or adult above 18. Ages 3-10 must ride a tandem kayak with an adult. Ages 2 and under stay on land with an adult.

The maximum weight is 250 lb per person.

Keep social distancing, regardless of your vaccine status.

We have life jacket options for children, youth, adults XS to 2XL.